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Your Complete Guide

The Ultimate LDS Youth Conference Planing Guide



Only $19 (Get your 83-page E-book, full of ideas).  Well worth your time!

How to design a publicity campaign that gets results? The best youth conferences have what in common? How do you create and maintain the excitement factor?
Who has the best youth conference program in Utah?  How many committees should you have? How soon should I begin planning?

How should I involve the youth? What does a fire truck have to do with an amazing youth conference? How to reach out to parents?

How to make your youth conference fun and spiritual? What about websites and Facebook pages? What different ways can I create publicity?

You have questions–we have compiled the answers!

And more…

  •  106 theme ideas
  • 43 workshop title and topic ideas
  • dozens of game and activity ideas with descriptions
  • 7 best pre-packaged youth conference programs in Utah (they do all the work)
  • 4 Utah pageants you may consider
  • 5 phases of planning (less stress, more success)
  • t-shirt ideas, strategies and purposes
  • many service ideas
  • 1, 2, and 3 day sample creative agenda templates
  • strategic marketing and promotional efforts

 If you implement some of the ideas and strategies in this guide I guarantee an amazingly successful youth conference experience to be remembered for a long time!