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Planning should begin almost immediately for a remarkable youth conference experience. What goals and purpose have to be kept in mind while organizing this conference?What do you want to accomplish? It is important to establish what these are. The outcomes and impact will be greater with objectives than without them. Outline your goals and objectives then begin considering a theme. Where can I find LDS youth conference ideas?

What will it take to hit a youth conference home run! Organizing a youth conference – especially if it is a huge success – can turn out to be a highly satisfying experience. However, it is no casual undertaking. It is going to take considerable skill to pull this off as well as a lot of time and commitment.

Know how to involve the priesthood leaders as well as adult and youth leaders involved in the project. Delegate the responsibilities as necessary. Be strategic in how you delegate and follow-up.

A youth conference should be both fun and spiritual. In the end, the youth should be satisfied that they had spent two to three fun filled days with their friends and made new friends, but they must also be forced to think and reflect on the key points raised during the conference. It is not an easy task to strike the correct balance between these two ideas. That is why, if you want your youth conference to be successful, it will have to be very well thought out and well planned and meticulously executed.

It is important that you start planning your conference well in advance. In fact, if you are new to this youth conference project, then you should begin your preliminary tasks almost a year in advance. This will ensure that there is no frantic arrangements to be made at the last moment and you can check and recheck every detail to ensure that your youth conference is a smashing success. Planning is crucial! And you should plan right down to the last detail, yet make provisions for the hitches that may occur. The right planning ensures that you may encounter only minor hitches when the program takes off and those can be easily tackled. Let’s get to work!

The best youth conferences are those that have youth involvement. The goal should be to involve both youth and adults when planning the event. The adults should choose youth from their ward or stake to be involved in the planning (and execution process). The youth also play a key role for what I call the “excitement factor” which helps generate interest within your group so as to achieve the highest participation possible. Your youth committee can provide valuable feedback as well as initiate excitement for the conference. It is a “youth” conference!