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Planning an LDS youth conference can be an amazing experience, but it does require a considerable investment of time and effort. If you implement some of the ideas and strategies in this guide I guarantee an amazingly successful youth conference experience to be remembered for a long time!

I have conducted extensive research regarding a wide variety of additional resources that may be of interest to you. I have identified some things that make a mormon youth conference more successful and meaningful for the leaders and participants.

When you will be investing so much of yourself in the event, you cannot afford to ignore some aspects of the conference. Instead, you have to ensure that it is a resounding success. Not only will the youth as well as their adult chaperones enjoy it, but the conference will be able to fulfill its objectives. A successful conference is one which manages to leave a deep impression in the minds and the spirits of the participants.

It is important that you start planning your conference well in advance. In fact, if you are new to this youth conference project, then you should begin your preliminary tasks almost a year in advance. This will ensure that there is no frantic arrangements to be made at the last moment and you can check and recheck every detail to ensure that your youth conference is a smashing success. Planning is crucial! And you should plan right down to the last detail, yet make provisions for the hitches that may occur. The right planning ensures that you may encounter only minor hitches when the program takes off and those can be easily tackled. Let’s get to work!