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We’ll share hundreds of youth conference ideas in our 83-page guide. There are a number of general questions and considerations that have to be addressed as you go about planning your conference. These concepts will be the platform on which your entire organizational effort will be based. So, these ideas need to be carefully considered. Some of these are:

  • The choice of the theme or the aim of the youth conference is to be carefully weighed. You can, of course choose some of the most common and ever popular themes, but your conference can rise above the ordinary if you manage to really understand the needs of today’s youth.
  • What exactly do you hope to accomplish? Consider this carefully. Then think exactly how you are going to fulfill that purpose.
  • Once the aims and objectives have been clearly defined, the question of execution needs to be addressed. You have to decide exactly how elaborate you want to make the affair. Should it cover one, two or three days?
  • Before going into the nitty gritty of planning the accommodations, food and transportation, you need to lay down an organizational framework so that the responsibility of each person is clearly defined.
  • Cost is of course an important consideration. You need to draw up a detailed budget, though it is best to consult with the youth committees before you prepare the final version.
  • Size of the group, time of the year, the venue, the travelling distance involved, and the activities are other important considerations which will influence the planning of youth conference.
  • The planning committee oversees the entire conference and will develop goals, objectives, themes, timelines, etc.  The planning committee may create and coordinate with subcommittees. You may consider an orientation meeting, and a pre or post fireside.